Moon Resort


Buy your own Moon Resort holiday home!

Prices starting at € 19,000. Prices vary depending on the finishing details you choose and the size of the house.

Get rid of the huge costs when buying a holiday home or when you build it from scratch.

Depending on your preferences, we help you with the construction, finishing and furnishing of the house, so that you can take it turnkey!


In addition to the direct experience of building  12 Moon Resort bungalows, our builders have over  15 years of experience in the field, so they are able to come up with unique solutions and ideas based on your needs.


If you want to buy a turnkey bungalow, fill in the form on the page or you can call us at the numbers on the website, to contact one of our representatives.


Usable area: 24 sqm

Ideal for a family with a child or couples, this type of house was in great demand in our resort, being so in demand that we had to supplement them, building 1-2 new houses every 2 months!


Usable area: 34 sqm

This type of house is our latest concept, an idea that came after the requirement of our guests to stay more people in the same place and have more space (a family with 2 or more children or a group of friends).


Usable area: 48 sqm

A house model with a lot of useful space, which in addition to living room + kitchenette, also comes with THREE bedrooms and two bathrooms. That way, everyone has the space they need!